About Wilson - The Dallas Angler

The Fishing Perspecitve


As I look at Wilson's passion for fishing today - I often ask myself where did it come from?  He was born in urban Dallas and has lived his whole life in the city.  And yet - this obsession with fishing as been a constant undercurrent of his life.  

When he was very little, he kept exclaiming from his car seat for me to look at the giant fishing poles as we drove.  I continually corrected him.  "We live in the city," I would say, and "there is no such thing as giant fishing poles."  One day, I paused my busy mind long enough to look and see what he was talking about.  He was referring to the giant construction cranes.  Some of which even had lures (or wrecking balls) hanging off their enormous poles.  I was awestruck.  He was right.

I learned two things that day.  

The first I knew immediately - that Wilson deserved we take the time to see what he sees.  His mind sees the world with a creativity and perspective that is unique to him.  I realized that when I would call his reality "wrong", I had failed to view the world through his amazing eyes.  

The second thing I learned wouldn't be fully appreciated for many years.  And that was that - fishing for us was here to stay.  Wilson's projection of fishing poles onto construction cranes was an obvious expression of his fascination with the sport of fishing.  And that has never left him or waned.  

When given a choice of one activity vs fishing - fishing wins.  Hands down.  Every time.  That includes movies, Great Wolf Lodge, skating, and most recently....SKIING!  On our family vacation to Jackson, Wyoming, Wilson chose to fish.  Wading through ice and streams, he spent hours on the banks of the snake river hoping to catch trout.  I would get pictures on my phone as he caught his fish - red cheeks; uncovered and frozen fingers; fields of snow behind him - but along with all of that was the smile of a boy truly happy.  A boy in his element.

I have always believed that kids need a "thing".  It doesn't matter what it is.  Just something to give them confidence and purpose.  I never anticipated as we started our life in the city that fishing would be what Wilson chose.  But it has been from day 1.


And it is our hope that through dallasangler he can share that experience with other children.  His countless hours of research on all things fishy have rendered him quite the expert.  He is excited to share this knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

Don't hold off on sharing this gift with your child today.

By Wilson's VERY proud mother, Jennifer